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Success is a matter of choice

Success is a matter of choiceImage Credit: Supplied

What is the colour of the shirt you have chosen to wear today? Which model and colour of car you currently drive? Which road do you travel to reach your office? Which restaurant are you planning to have your dinner tonight? Unfortunately, not all your choices may entail your desired outcome in life and this success mantra is esoteric.

Similar to success is an option to choose from the menu of life. Success and accomplishments are not limited to the lucky few. They are available to anyone who chooses to be disciplined, focused, persistent, committed, positive and enthusiastic. It is true that from time to time luck can play a role in success. However, luck is only significant for those who choose to turn an opportunity into success by dint of hard work.

Are you aware that the sportsman who got a standing ovation worked really hard and practised intensely behind the scenes? That the effulgent business owner whom you have read about in the newspaper had actually worked unnoticed late into the night to achieve his goals?

Success has its buttress in small, inconspicuous stages. When a major accomplishment is attained, the world notices. Yet, when hard work and effort are being executed, they rarely draw attention at all. It is a process through which everyone has to go through and there is absolutely no shortcut to it. When faced with temporary setbacks, positive individuals choose to strengthen their efforts and resolve to continue.

We are the captains of our lives. We decide which direction to take and adjust our sails accordingly while sailing through the many different climatic conditions life presents us.

Set out on all your journeys throughout life with the end in mind. Make success the ultimate destination for all your endeavours. Remember to only change directions, not the destination.

Handy Hints:

• To succeed, your choices have to be aligned with your goals

• When deciding, vividly envision yourself in a future scenario

• Emotions can influence the level of commitment to a choice

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Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company