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Success is not just a matter of luck

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Raj told me that he is unlucky because unlike his friends, he is not rich. David said he is not successful because he does not come from a wealthy family. Jamal feels that he could not get a good job as he did not have a proper education.

Lots of people have grievances about their current situation and often blame it on bad luck. Some believe luck belongs only to a chosen few, while others think luck plays a key role in their life.

There was once a CEO who was very powerful in the corporate world. His competitors thought he was lucky in business. But later on he disappeared, because unlike Bill Gates, who is a savvy businessman, he was an ordinary executive who only had a one-time opportunity. His business flourished during the time when he had no competition, but he lacked astute business sense which entails organisational system procedures, synergy, energy and innovation, factors that are key to sustaining a flourishing business. This proves luck plays only a small part in your life. Real success is synonymous with clear perception, timely implementation and consistent perseverance. Wealth, in no way, ensures success.

I personally do not believe in luck, but in doing the right thing at the right time. I advise people to have effective planning, a vision, and a high level of preparedness and openness. More importantly, people should have a favourable mindset towards varied situations. You only become successful if you have a positive attitude towards everything.

If you are currently working, focus on your goals. Be sincere and committed. Take the right steps that will make you a good leader, entrepreneur or employee. One of the important lessons I learned in business is not to take anything for granted. Take calculated risks to reach your goals. Higher risks pay higher rewards.

Handy Hints

* Work hard and commit to not taking anything for granted

* Take risks, create plans and convert thoughts into actions

* Challenges widen our capabilities, understanding of things

Source: Dr. Pon Mohaideen Pitchai, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is a Dubai-based HR and Management Consultant