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Success a by-product of one’s choices

Success a by-product of one’s choicesImage Credit: Supplied

We have two choices in life – to do or not to do, or like Hamlet “To be, or not to be” the person we are capable of becoming. Just because Shakespeare wrote it in the 17th century indicates these are eternal dilemmas faced by Man and Beast. How to counteract it is something which each of us has to evolve for ourselves. Well, here is mine:

If we were to compare positive and negative thoughts to a plant living in sunlight vs. one living in darkness, we will make many interesting observations. One, that plants cannot live too many days under continuous sunlight. A young plant definitely will wither under the onslaught of continuous sunlight. Even the hardiest of trees need the coolness of the night to renew their water balance. Hardships are like that. They are what get you going; take action to calm the problem and make your mark.

Similarly, a plant, if kept in darkness, will have stunted growth. It will not wear its usual green and healthy look which prevents it from carrying out its tasks fully, i.e. renew the oxygen in the environment. Water and soil will keep it alive. Well that’s what negative thoughts do to us. They prevent us from reaching our full potential, and finding our joy and goals in life.

What about the plant which has both – sunlight and darkness? Darkness enables the plant to recharge its batteries, take rest and do the work necessary for it to be able to stand tall the next morning. It is a universal law.

Daylight, however, brings out the best in the plant, and it will be spewing oxygen, color, fragrance and taste. Our human existence would be so empty if plants were not so!

What’s your choice?

Handy Hints
• Keeping positive thoughts every day leads to positive results
• Hardships are important ingredients to keep one going in life
• Always strive to make your mark despite failures, problems

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Source: Geet Mala Jalota, Special to Jobs & Careers
The writer is an Independent HR Trainer and Consultant