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Take a break without compromising work

Take a break without compromising workImage Credit: Supplied

It is that time of year when most of the expatriate workforce pack their bags and embark on their annual vacation. Most people plan their vacation to coincide with the school summer break in order to be with their children for at least a month.

While it is important to take a break, it is equally important to ensure that the workflow does not get disturbed when you are on a holiday.

A break helps rejuvenate and recharge you physically and mentally. It helps induce a feeling of freshness that can make you feel good, work smarter and more efficient, and get back on track with renewed vigour. Here are a few tips before you take a break:

• Ensure that all jobs are completed before you go on a holiday. While it is difficult to do so responsibly for ongoing projects, you can at least ensure that your responsibilities are completed before you go on leave.

• Plan well so there will not be any contingency that the team will find difficult to handle. Be willing to spend some extra time on ensuring a proper handover to staff. Your work must be well-documented and any outstanding tasks and projects assigned.

• Make a detailed handover note and discuss the same with your superior and the person who is going to stand in for you in your absence. Let it be as exhaustive as possible and let there be no room for ambiguity.

• Notify all those who are involved about your proposed holiday. For those who deal with clients, it is ideal to inform them well in advance about your period of absence as well as whom to contact when you are away so that they can plan accordingly.

• Finally, though no one likes to be disturbed during holiday, it is always advisable to provide a contact number for those who want to get in touch with you if a need arises.

Handy Hints:

• Short vacations help reduce workplace conflicts and tension

• These help one recharge physically, mentally and emotionally

• Plan everything so you do not leave your colleagues in limbo

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Source: C. Sunil Roy, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Senior Manager, Publilink