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Time well spent at ‘auto university'

Auto universityImage Credit: Supplied

One day, I felt myself deeply immersed into the wisdom and thoughts of the lecturer playing on my car audio. Whenever I am on the road, I always see to it that I become a part of the world of wisdom, and listening to lectures has been my ritual for over the last 15 years now. I am proud to announce that I am a student of this “automobile university.”

Do you know how much time an average professional wastes while commuting daily? Let’s assume that a person takes an average of two hours to travel to and from work daily. Multiply two hours by 24 working days then multiply it by 12 months. That’s 576 hours in a year. A person travelling for 10 years has spent 5,760 hours. If that person attended university for that amount of time, he would have earned many PhDs.

People were asked how they utilize their time when travelling to work. Majority of them spend it chatting on the phone, listening to the radio or criticizing the bad driving habits of others.

Travelling with such a mindset will surely make anyone furious about so many things. When you reach either your workplace or home with such a state of mind, you might feel surprised why small things in your personal or professional life trigger anger. The obvious reason is that your negative thought processes have taken their toll on you. You need some positive twist in your life right now.

I, thus, invite you to become a lifelong student of the “automobile university.” This is nowhere except in your own car and it is open 24x7. The teaching schedule is 100% as per your requirements. Interestingly, there are no exams and the choice of subjects is so flexible that you will never feel bored. On top of that, there are no exorbitant tuition fees. You just need to invest in a stock of inspirational lecture CDs or audio books.

So, take your first step towards a journey of lifelong learning through the “automobile university.” Welcome onboard.

Handy Hints
• Utilize your time into learning something while on the road
• Invest in audio books or motivational speech/lecture CDs
• Give your life a positive twist to relieve yourself from stress

Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers
The writer is a Motivational Speaker and Life Coach