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Tips on being bold to challenge your assumptions

Tips on being bold to challenge your assumptionsImage Credit: Supplied

Most of the time, it is our assumptions that stand between success and failure. Most assumptions are based on half knowledge and guided by what we believe to be right.

Unfortunately, many a time, they are far removed from reality. Experiences may be the foundation on which assumptions are based. But it is important to understand that many times we cannot use them as a benchmark.

When we challenge our assumptions, we are opening the doors of opportunities. We take the step towards self-development and we are willing to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of our progress.

It is a common refrain in many organizations that things have to be done in a particular manner. It is primarily the safe route mentality. What people fail to realize is that the results are not going to be better in these cases.

If we want to rise above the existing parameters, it is important to step out of our assumptions and chart new paths. Assumptions are always a hindrance formed on the basis of limited exposure. While some assumptions may be correct, most of them are far removed from the reality, which keeps changing as times change.

Preconceived notions formed on the basis of what happened a few years back will never hold good in the current times. If we need to move up, we need to shed many things, and assumptions are one of the major things that should be challenged. Most of the time, we do not question our assumptions; many times, we take decisions that we regret.

Take the first step and challenge your assumptions, and be assured that the process will enable you to look at your career from a different perspective. It will help you reach your goals in a better manner.

Handy Hints:

• Open the doors of opportunities towards self-development

• Preconceived notions mustn’t dictate what would happen next

• Moving up means shedding assumptions, charting new paths

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Source: Sunil Roy, Special to Jobs & Careers

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