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Tips on how to achieve that unshakeable determination

Tips on how to achieve that unshakeable determinationImage Credit: Supplied

Many decades back, a creative engineer was inspired by an idea to build a spectacular bridge connecting two areas in the west. However, bridge building experts throughout the world thought it was an impossible feat and told the engineer to forget it.

But the project pushed through. A few months underway, a tragic accident on the site injured the engineer and left him with some damages to his brain which resulted in him not being able to talk or walk. All he could do was move one of his fingers, and he instantly decided to make the best use of it. Slowly, he developed a way of communicating with others. He tapped out his instructions with his finger onto the arm of the technical team until the bridge was finally completed. Today, that spectacular bridge stands in all its glory as a tribute to the triumph of one man's indomitable spirit and his determination not to be defeated by circumstances.

This story shows us that dreams, which seem impossible, can be realized with determination and persistence no matter the odds. We all face obstacles in our day-to-day professional and personal lives; however, we must realize that our hurdles are small compared to what others have to face and overcome. History proves that all the mega successes in this world have been achieved by those who have faced the toughest conditions and resistance from others. They were humiliated and rejected by many, but one thing that kept their dream alive was their unshakeable belief and self-determination.

If you want to become part of the mega success bandwagon, focus on the aspect of what resources, abilities and potential you have rather than what you do not have, and then start from there. This simple shift in focus will ensure that you will build a mega super structure of success someday.

Handy Hints:

• Focus on your abilities and potential and build on them

• Take criticisms as a motivation to do more than you can do

• Sometimes one's failures are nothing compared to another's

Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is a Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company