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Tips on how a lifetime and career can be well spent

Tips on how a lifetime and career can be well spentImage Credit: Supplied

You may have done a lot of arithmetic exercises back in school, but you may have never come across ''life arithmetic.'' Let's do it right now. How long is an individual's average life expectancy? There might be different answers.

As a probable calculation, a person can live up to an average of 70 years. Now, if we multiply 70 years by 52 weekends per year, then we will come up with the figure 3,640. This is the total number of Fridays that a person may have in his or her entire lifetime. Now, if you are 40 years old, then you have already spent a total of 2,080 Fridays in your lifetime. Looking at these numbers, there is only one thing you need to reflect on, are you making the most out of your life?

Instead of spending your Fridays unproductively, why not invest that time with people whom you can learn from or do something fruitful and creative.

It is essential that we do not waste our precious time. Rather, create a meaningful career that inspires the young professionals. Use this time as an avenue to create a worthy goal not only for yourself but for the learning new hires who will benefit from your experiences and strategies within the organization. It is the quantity of best practices that matters, not just the monetary incentives received. This investment of time actually creates a bond among people in all walks of life.

Remember this concept of time. Life has a lot to offer, hence we should not lock ourselves in what we do. There is always room for anything or anyone you want to be, if you just learn how to focus and set your priorities right.

Set a compelling plan to work towards your goals and objectives within this limited time. Do not take your life for granted; rather, take very special care of it as the clock never stops ticking.

Handy Hints:

• Plan fruitful weeks with special people in your life and career

• Be more career-oriented and set goals to keep you motivated

• Learn how to focus on making things right and set priorities

Get a glimpse on time which is melting like an ice block

Source: Kamran A. Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is a Training Manager in one of Abu Dhabi's Major Oil & Gas Companies