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Tips on unlocking growth and one's potential

Tips on unlocking growth and one's potentialImage Credit: Supplied

The right attitude is much better than aptitude. I recently met a lady who works as an assistant in an amusement park. Her responsibility is to punch in the exit tickets after the visitors' tour is over.

What caught my attention was the way she went about doing her job, which many of us consider quite mundane. No matter how many people were in the queue, she took a minute to get a feedback from each visitor.

She added a musical tone to her loud booming voice that not only attracted people but also made them smile. No wonder, each person who visited the place left with a lasting impression.

The lady told me that it is her responsibility to leave a pleasing experience for the visitors since tourism is the backbone of her country's economy. I love her attitude. I realised that many of the people I come across in my business interactions lack this positive trait.

My friend who is an HR trainer points out that nowadays, the emphasis is on recruiting people with the right attitude rather than aptitude. According to him, aptitude is the ability to learn the skills that are taught. An employee can be trained to perform tasks, but if the person does not have the right attitude, no matter what his qualifications are, he will be a misfit.

To move up the career ladder, it is essential to have an attitude that will guide you towards success. The right attitude ignores a negative mindset. It provides the right enthusiasm that will help overcome the obstacles that crop up every day. It is internal to an individual who has the ability to change and motivate himself to adapt for the better.

Attitude is the one thing over which we have total control. Develop it and let it pave the way to your success.

I am looking forward to my next interaction with the park lady.

Handy Hints:

• Align the employees' interests with those of the business

• Attitude is a predictor of a man's success, not his aptitude

• Train people to improve but do not manage their behaviour

Do you use your time in the right manner?

Source: C. Sunil Roy, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Senior Manager, Publilink