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Tips on working with focus for better results

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A common feature of many of the corporate houses is a bunch of hardworking employees. While it is important to work hard, it is more important to work with focus. When we work with focus, we increase our productivity.

Any workplace has distractions that force an employee to waste his resources. The distractions not only hamper his progress but also stop him from reaching his full potential.

To overcome distractions, there are times when the employee needs to put in extra effort to complete tasks at hand. That's where focus helps. When we focus, we make fewer errors and we reach our goals in a quicker manner.

Focus is highly transformative and provides a distraction-free atmosphere. From a mindless way of doing things, we transform into individuals with a single-minded way of completing tasks. This not only makes the tasks enjoyable, it also frees our minds from stress and tension.

A focused employee tackles difficult tasks first and then moves on to tasks that need lesser focus. In that manner, he achieves better results.

Focus also provides the required momentum to complete an assignment. While hard work helps get the assignment completed, focus helps get the task completed well within an allotted time in a creative and organized manner.

Focus allows a person to prioritize urgent and important jobs. Every employee has numerous tasks to be completed during the course of the working hours. By prioritizing, it is easier to complete important tasks that add more value than tackle urgent jobs that do not contribute much to the overall corporate picture. It, thus, eliminates stress and makes the employee feel good about himself.

Distraction is part and parcel of corporate life. Only those who rise above distractions can make a distinct impression. Why not be the one?

Handy Hints:

• Avoid things that break the momentum and peak of creativity

• Learn how to prioritize urgent and more important projects

• Focus leads to few errors allowing one to finish tasks on time

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Source: C. Sunil Roy, Special to Jobs & Careers

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