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Travelling through the ocean of life

Travelling through the ocean of lifeImage Credit: Supplied

Compare your life to a passenger who travels in a ship to reach a certain destination, let's say from one continent to another. You know it's a long, risky journey on the way yet thousands of people vivaciously board the ship. They are equipped with a clarity of destination, a belief and confidence that they will arrive at their place without any hassles and encumbrances, and a firm commitment to face the unknown.

There may be instances where turbulent winds, huge ocean waves or a storm may put the ship off course and cause a big challenge towards the survival of the ship as a whole. But according to a friend of mine who is an ex-merchant navy captain, under intense storms, they never stop the ship's engine. So, the ship continues its course irrespective of how small its progress is; otherwise, if they stop the engine and the ship surrenders to the storm, it would capsize.

In our life journey, we require the same belief, confidence, courage and a firm direction where we will be heading. We may face storms along the way which will put us off course, but we should keep in mind that not all things in life happen the way we want them to be. We just need to consult our direction map from time to time.

I advise you not to get discouraged and feel sorry for yourself in instances where you have not been chosen for a job that you have wanted for a long time, for a certain project that you wished to spearhead, for goals that you are yet to achieve, or for dreams that have remained elusive up to this day.

Stay focused. Be like a ship captain. When challenges arise, simply steer your ship back on course and bring it successfully to its destination.

Handy Hints:

• There may be challenges but no excuses to not succeed

• When you work hard at something, you become good at it

• Envision what you want to become; make an effort to excel

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Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company