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Try to be an approved customer sample

Try to be an approved customer sampleImage Credit: Supplied

All the knitted shirts are rejected! That was the verdict of the garment third party inspector. I asked him why it was so since for me, all the shirts looked fine and fashionable, without any defects. The shirts were not as per the ''only approved sample'' said the garment inspector pointing towards a knitted shirt carefully wrapped in polythelene packing, hanging in the middle of the stitching hall. All shirts produced must be in closer specification with it, otherwise the entire production lot will be rejected. This is a routine affair in almost all customer-specific jobbing industries. If the end product does not match the customer-supplied sample, then it is has to be rejected.

Would you believe if I told you that we are in a strange affair where we are all customers and at the same time, we are also suppliers? Imagine yourself sitting in a restaurant with your family and ordering some food. Or at the barber shop or convenience store where you go as a customer. It would not be a big surprise for you if I told you that in all these situations you are surely looking for value against the money and the fulfilment of your expectations. In this case, you will be a satisfied customer if all your requirements are fulfilled and you will be a ''delighted customer'' only if your requirements are fulfilled over and above your expectations.

Let's change this thought process a bit and now, if you are sitting in your office doing work for your company or you are among your kids and other relations and they are asking you to do something for them, you become a supplier and all of your customers, in this case, are your company and your family. They also expect to be ''delighted customers'' just as you expect the same from suppliers for yourself.

This strange relationship of customer-supplier is the secret upon which the whole universe is designed. So in order to become ultra-successful in all the domains of your life, try to be a supplier with all the value-added professional services and desirable human traits which can transform all of your life's customers into ''delighted customers.''

Handy Hints:

• We all take turns being customers and suppliers simultaneously

• Customers have the right to reject below par services/products

• All of us should aim to have 'delighted customers' at all times

Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is a Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company