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Understand how concentrated focus yields amazing power

Understand how concentrated focus yields amazing powerImage Credit: Supplied

Remember your old school days when you had to do a science experiment that involved creating fire using a magnifying glass? You held the magnifying glass in front of the sun in a steady position so that a small dot would appear on a piece of paper. Eventually, you got a flame by doing that.

Why did this phenomenon happen? Because the magnifying glass diverted all the sun's rays to one single point of focus, causing the paper to burn.

Did you also observe that holding the magnifying glass steadily in your hand also contributed to this? Even if the sun's rays were strong enough to cause fire, but if you were not focusing on a single spot on the paper, the experiment would not yield the expected result.

This also holds true for all of us. If you concentrate your focus on and attention to your career goals, never minding the duration it will take for you to achieve them, something beautiful will also happen. Thus, you need to gather all your energy to go on despite the frustrations, failures and mistakes that come with reaching such goals.

On the contrary, if your attention is scattered and if you have no goals for which your mental energy can focus on, then do not be surprised if nothing happens to your career or your life.

When Thomas Edison was inventing the electric light bulb, he performed thousands of experiments to achieve the results he had in mind. That time, it was just a concept and there were no similar examples where he could base his experiments on. His focused attention over a sustained period of time gave him the desired results. Today, we all benefit from his invention.

So, concentrate your energy on your goals, be they career or personal. Work hard at ignoring and eliminating all the distractions until the time comes for you to reap your rewards.

Handy Hints:

• If you want to be somewhere else, focus on your present goals

• Work hard at ignoring distractions to reach your destination

• Mistakes and failures serve to strengthen one's resolve to go on

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Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company