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Universal laws that influence growth

Universal laws that influence growthImage Credit: Supplied

A grain of salt is a white crystal whose taste is the same as it was millions of years back. Nothing about it has changed. Similarly, there are some universal laws which hold true irrespective of one’s nationality, age, social status, location, etc. It does not even matter whether you have knowledge of them or not. But you can take full advantage of them in your life by harmonizing your thoughts and actions with these laws.

Law of Incremental Growth: You have observed that things grow at an incremental pace, e.g. plants, human beings, businesses, relationships. You will grow in your career by focusing on taking one step at a time irrespective of how small it may seem. Do this consistently so you gradually achieve what you are aiming for in life.

Law of Abundance: It states that the more you give out something of value, the more you will get in return. Focus on sharing your knowledge, skills, experience, and wealth for the collective benefit of others. Look at Warren Buffett and Bill Gates who are philanthropists, yet they are among the wealthiest persons in the world.

Law of Cause and Effect: Your thoughts and actions are the “causes” and the resultant conditions, good or bad, are the “effects.” If you intentionally keep positive thoughts in your life and work, and discard the negative which comes, you will soon realize that your life condition and surroundings also get transformed into something positive. You may have already experienced it yourself on both sides (positive and negative) with matching results.

Law of Action: Dreams and goals of professional growth, development and success are simply not enough as they do not have the power to materialize automatically for you. You have to engage in decisive action that supports your dreams and goals. Remember that success is like pre-paid calling card where you invest first and enjoy the benefits later.

Handy Hints:

• Grow in your career by focusing on taking one step at a time

• Focus on sharing your knowledge, skills, experience, wealth

• Engage in decisive action that supports your dreams, goals

Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is a Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company