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Visualize your reality to attain life goals

Visualize your reality to attain life goalsImage Credit: Supplied

If you hear the words ‘aeroplane’, ‘elephant’, and ‘Burj Khalifa’, what comes to mind? Are the images in your mind raised from hearing these words the same as the real things? Our mind works like an image processor and not as a word processor, and we only think in images. That is why all of our memories – right from childhood till today – are stored in our subconscious mind as millions upon millions of images.

Similarly, we have images related to our weight, our relationships, our financial situation, career, etc. And we actually live closer to those images which have been cemented in our imagination. The truth is, we cannot bring any long lasting change outside unless and until we change our own established images inside.

There is an interesting phenomena involving people who lose weight through crash dieting, who regain lost weight swiftly because their mental image had been set on a certain value regarding their real weight, and if it is higher than the weight they have just attained, they feel disturbed and try to bring back the balance (unconsciously) to get closer to their “original weight.”

Similarly, some people who suddenly become rich through the lottery or sheer luck get rid of the same in a shorter period of time. Why? Because they have a structural distortion between their self-image related to their financial worth ‘inside’ with their reality outside which forces them to ‘restore the balance.’ So they subconsciously get rid of the ‘excess amount’ as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the concept of “thinking big” will actually force you towards creating a better and bigger self-image inside. Create this self-image by selecting pictures from magazines showing your ideal goals. Cut and paste them on a separate board with your face affixed on those pictures. Regularly view this board and write your goals on a daily basis so your mind can absorb the images inside as your reality, and you will start doing all that is essential to make it ‘happen’ in your outside world.

Handy Hints

* Memories are stored as images in our subconscious mind

* Learn to ‘think big’ in order to overcome self-limiting ideas

* What we are and how we live are a reflection of our thoughts

Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers,

The writer is a Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company