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Why no job is of mediocre nature

Why no job is of mediocre natureImage Credit: Supplied

I was watching a famous personality's game show on TV. His energy level was superb and his performance was beyond words. He used to be a performer in blockbuster films for decades.

He got bankrupt at one point, but did not give up and continued to fight. It was at this crucial juncture when his career took a 360-degree turn with the arrival of a new TV programme. Slowly, he once again rose to the top. The story of his meteoric rise and fall and bouncing back is a true reflection of a person with a champion's attitude.

I saw him doing advertisements for small household items. For some people, it did not match his stature. However, the strongest message he sent out to everyone was that no work is beneath anyone’s level. In any profession, respect is earned through a positive mental attitude and a world-class skills set.

I have observed that successful people always put their heart and soul first into their work. They stamp it with their brand and take their deliverables to such heights that people around them start believing that no one else can do it better than them (successful people).

Many people complain about the mediocre nature of their job, that they are trapped in a role that does not match their capabilities. The challenge is not about the job but about the adopted mindset and the strategy in dealing with it. You cannot change your existing job by simply complaining about it. Some people who always say ''this is not my job'' are truly under the threat of being jobless one day. If you are currently not happy with your existing ''mediocre'' work and want to change jobs, I advise you to give your best to your current work. Your employer will surely pick you for bigger titles and better challenges. If you do not trust this formula, just give it a try once.

Handy Hints:

• Putting your heart and soul into your work spells success

• In any profession, respect is earned through skills, positivity

• Give your best in your current work and you will be rewarded

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Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company