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Why the right job matters more than you think

Why the right job matters more than you thinkImage Credit: Supplied

A career is a journey, not a destination. You set your sights on a position or in a certain field, you create goals to help you advance and you learn much along the way. You may change directions, work to gather skills and experience, and take jobs that are less than ideal or stay in a job as you plan your advancement because you need the paycheck.

While there are lessons of value in every job, staying in a bad job or taking on a bad job can be detrimental to your career efforts. Why? Bad jobs often lead to burnout and disengagement, and these not only affect your attitude and behaviour at work but also decrease your motivation, optimism, productivity and overall mental and physical health. Staying in a bad job can hurt your chances of getting a better one.

A 2012 Canadian study found that employees that feel obligated to stay in their jobs, either out of a sense of duty or because they don't feel they have any options and other opportunities, are much more likely to experience burnout.

Another study, conducted by Australian National University, found that a bad job affects mental health more powerfully and more negatively than having no job at all.

A bad job is one in which you feel overwhelmed by job demands or completely unchallenged by your work. A bad job is one that has little job security because you feel expendable, or because the company environment is uncertain. A bad job is one in which you have little autonomy or input on how best you do your work, are micromanaged, or must endure a bad boss.

Choose your stepping stones wisely. Measure the benefits of any job against its impact on your ability to progress along your career journey.

Handy Hints:

• Bad jobs affect one's mental health more than being jobless

• Staying in a bad job can deter you from getting a better one

• Choose a job that will help you achieve your career objectives

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Source: Oksana Tashakova, Special to Jobs & Careers

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