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Why you need to believe in the power of creative ideas

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I believe in the power of ideas. I also believe that most of us are custodians of strong ideas and it is our creative ideas that bring about excellent career growth. While it is important to have good ideas, it's equally important to have a clear definition of what our ideas stand for and how they will be utilized for the better.

Most of the time, ideas are vague and do not stand the test of time. Growth happens when we devote our energies to generate ideas that help us break through the clutter. Generating ideas that focus on certain tangible benefits is very crucial. The focus can be on ideas that will help cut cost, increase productivity, save time or generate more revenue.

Many times, these ideas are interlinked. A breakthrough we make in one area can often lead to better results in other related areas. One interesting thing about coming up with ideas is the fact that it is not restrictive in nature.

New ideas or viewpoints can stem from anyone in the organization. A good leader does not differentiate between the individuals who are responsible for generating new concepts or designs. At times, new thoughts or ideas from a trainee can be more valuable than the recommendation from a veteran since the trainee sees the problem from a relatively new perspective.

Unfortunately, sometimes we give so much importance to other people's opinions, that at times, we fail to make use of the opportunities that come our way. As the career dynamics change, it is going to be the ideas from out-of-the-box that will differentiate between one employee and the other. To move up, it is essential to focus on generating creative ideas that will enable the individual to move ahead of the pack.

Handy Hints:

• Coming up with ideas is interestingly not restrictive in nature

• Focus on ideas that will help cut cost and generate revenue

• Thinking out of the box encourages others' innovative minds

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Source: C. Sunil Roy, Special to Jobs & Careers

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