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Why you need to think twice before putting in your papers

Why you need to think twice before putting in your papersImage Credit: Supplied

Challenges are part and parcel of corporate life. Many people get stuck when they face adversities and challenges that come as part of their job.

There are times when some employees put in their papers in the face of professional challenges. Others quit for small financial gains, or when emotions overrule rational decisions.

It is not advisable to quit when things do not go the way you want them to. Many do not realize that it is not the solution to their problems. The decision to quit should always be well-thought-out. The challenges we face in the corporate world may be opportunities in disguise. It's true that we need to move out of our comfort zone to get certain things done, but if we shy away from the challenges, we will not learn.

Quitting is not the answer. Facing problems in a creative and innovative manner with a proactive approach brings in the desired results. While quitting may seem like a solution, we forget that we are only running away from our fears. We should know that adversities have the ability to make us stronger.

We should also remember that we cannot keep running away from problems every time they arise. Frequent job hopping looks bad on the resume and raises the question of commitment. An employee who stays put and meets the challenges proves that he or she has the potential to overcome challenges.

The right approach helps sort out minor issues. Clear communication aids in overcoming personal prejudices and differences in opinions.

All careers come with their own shares of problems and challenges. Quitting in a hurry is not a solution. The next time you feel like putting in your papers, think twice.

Handy Hints:

• Take corporate challenges as career opportunities in disguise

• Clear communication helps manage differences in opinions

• Come up with solutions in a creative and innovative manner

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Source: C. Sunil Roy, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Senior Manager, Publilink