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Why you should follow your heart and go after your vision

Why you should follow your heart and go after your visionImage Credit: Supplied

I have always had a keen love for books since childhood. Growing up in my city, there was no access to public libraries especially for children. I used to go to a large bookstore to read books, and many times I was dragged out by the employees because reading was not allowed. But that did not stop my passion to learn something new each day.

One day, while I was in one of my reading routines in a hidden corner of the shop, an employee caught and dragged me to the manager's office. He told the manager about my frequent visits to the shop without buying a book. The manager angrily told me that bookstores are for purchasing books, not for reading. I answered him that I did not have money to buy a book, but that I was very eager to read. I asked him to reconsider.

He looked deeply into my teary eyes where truth and passion resided. He turned towards his employee and instructed him to put a chair for me in his office. There, I was allowed to read any book I wanted.

I discovered that day that when you really want something, the impossible becomes possible.

Listen to your heart and follow your passion. Do not listen to what the naysayers are saying. Never be influenced by those who say that it is too late for you to enrol in a course, climb a mountain, switch jobs or venture into business. People do not know you and your potential. You do not need permission from others to pursue your dreams.

Follow your instincts and act on your plan. Always keep in mind that it is not the circumstances but rather our choices that put us under constraints. You can do everything any human being has done in this world.

Therefore, start your journey of greatness today. Remember, the impossible always becomes possible on the way.

Handy Hints:

• Step forward to pursue your dreams despite the challenges

• Follow your passion but be prepared to work hard, sacrifice

• Ignore those who are telling you that you are wasting your time

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Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company