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Winners work hard and focus on goals

Winners work hard and focus on goalsImage Credit: Supplied

A reporter keen to know what drives people to peak performance went to a construction site one day. He observed that the workers had different levels of enthusiasm towards work. The reporter asked the first man what he was doing and he said, ''I am laying the bricks.'' He went to the second man and asked the same question. He said, ''I am building this wall.'' The reporter then turned to the third man working energetically nearby and asked the same question. He said, ''I am constructing a home.''

If you analyse the answers given by the three construction workers, it will show you that some of them are not very proud of what they are doing. Let us all remember that no work in this world is too big or too small. What makes any job special is the meaning we put into it. Our vision, intention and sense of contribution matter the most at work.

It is only when we love what we are doing will we be able to deliver our best and be in the winners' circle. However, if we have limited vision and are bent on giving less than what we are capable of delivering, this will put us under the mediocre category.

Winners firmly believe that learning is the denominator of success. They know that the greatest joys in life come when they are developing their talents and making positive contributions in their professional life and the community in general. They are not afraid of taking challenges and facing risks, and are well aware that self-pity is the most dangerous emotion.

They know that success is 10 per cent of what actually happens to them and 90 per cent of how they choose to react to any situations. They understand that they need to improve themselves from time to time and adjust to different circumstances to reach the zenith of success.

Handy Hints:

• Focus on what you are going to do next and be confident

• Winners welcome challenges and are driven to achieve goals

• Take an optimistic perspective towards life and your work

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Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company