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Here are the hot jobs in UAE today

Here are the hot jobs in the UAE todayImage Credit: Supplied

There might be less job opportunities at this time of year compared to 2014 as falling oil prices have brought uncertainty to certain industries, but there are a number of occupations that remain highly sought after by employers in the UAE today.

The latest Monster Employment Index Middle East showed that recruitment activity in the country recorded a negative annual growth in January, around 10 per cent less from the same period last year, due to the ''uncertainty'' faced by companies in the hospitality industry.

''January saw a sharp decline in recruitment activity in the Middle East and across most of the industry sectors and occupational groups, said Sanjay Modi,'s managing director for India, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong.

''This decline can be principally attributed to the hospitality sector, which, off the back of falling oil prices and the strength of the dollar, is facing increased uncertainty.''

The outlook for the rest of the year, however, is good, especially since many companies in the country are now focusing on product launches and promotions.

After a review of ''tens of thousands'' of online job listings, Monster said at least three major occupation groups in the UAE are still showing strong hiring demand as of January.

Professionals in marketing and communications, arts and creative industries are the top gainers, posting a 9 per cent year-on-year growth in recruitment.

Also equally popular are professionals or job seekers with technical qualifications, background and experience in engineering and production, which posted a 9 per cent increase in demand.

Those who have qualifications or experience in software, hardware and telecommunications are also in for more job offers, with demand for these professionals rising by 6 per cent in January.

However, things are not looking as good for certain jobseekers, such as those with human resources (HR) qualifications.

According to Monster's index, HR and administrative professionals recorded a significant drop in demand in January, around 21 per cent.

It's also a challenging time for those who are in the sales and business development professions, which posted a decline in demand of 23 per cent from 2014.

Those with customer service qualifications may struggle to find new placements, as well, with demand for these professions registering the biggest decline of 32 per cent.

If you're wondering which industries are hiring these days, the IT and Telecom sectors are worth looking into, as they have posted a 9 per cent growth in recruitment. Engineering, construction and real estate companies are also on the lookout for additional talent, registering a 3 per cent increase.

Several airlines in the region, including Emirates and Etihad, have announced this year that they're hiring additional crew to meet their expanding business.

More jobs also await Emirati nationals, with the upcoming job fair, Careers UAE, slated for April 28 to 30, 2015 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. At least 90 companies, including government agencies, are among the exhibitors.

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