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Is it time to reinvent the MBA program?

Is it time to reinvent the MBA program?Image Credit: Supplied

The quality of an MBA program depends on how its contents proactively respond to the changing dynamics of the business environment. Over the years, business schools have embarked on changes in their structure and practices, fuelled by the call of the IT revolution. There are initiatives in the areas of syllabi, teaching tools, research, innovation, network and others. But, are we doing enough to create a strong environment for innovation in the MBA program?

It is true that what was relevant in the industry one year ago is now redundant. The prerequisites of the industry have undergone a metamorphosis. Employers expect business schools to start orienting graduates about the job. They expect skilled professionals from day one.

There is a gap in creating synergies through various means such as guest lectures, field work, workshops, internships and research projects, consultancy and curriculum revision. Much effort has to be invested by business schools in molding students to meet the current industry demand. It is about time employers aligned their business in a manner that promotes a compatible employer-employee relationship.

Rather than the government starting institutes, the market, especially the private sector, needs to work towards making a far more open, accessible and friendly environment for today's youth to foster a culture where B-school graduates can innovate, resulting in them becoming sustainable business solutions providers.

If business is forever changing, application models need to change accordingly. MBA education needs to keep up. Business schools must invest in research to create and disseminate knowledge that benefits the industry, government and society. Faculty members must be engaged in research to contribute to the knowledge base. Students must be active. A research-minded approach must be inculcated in their academic environment through innovative teaching methods, tools and strategies that include live case studies and learning simulation situations.

Handy Hints:

• Business schools must invest in research to disseminate ideas

• Faculty members must also contribute to the knowledge base

• In today's world, employers are looking for skilled professionals

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Source: Dr. Pon Mohaideen Pitchai, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is a Dubai-based HR and Management Consultant