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A smart storyteller’s role in this digital age

A smart storyteller’s role in this digital ageImage Credit: Supplied

If you are a good storyteller, you are in demand. Storytelling has always been important and formed the essence of all successful communicators from Socrates to Dale Carnegie. In today's digital age, as storytelling becomes an integral part of building a strong brand and culture, storytellers are being specially headhunted to build a ''credible culture'' and a ''corporate conscience.''

The storyteller helps convey an organization's purpose and values through stories and artefacts. More than just content, he/she helps build a brand. The stories that a corporate storyteller builds around a company's vision, mission, successes and failures reveal the soul of the company and the character of its people. Documenting stories and showcasing them in an emotionally-satisfying way is a culture that major companies have built over the years including Nike, Boeing and Mars, incorporating them into their training videos as well. Lego told a story that induced its customers into action.

There is a story in every situation, and it is the job of the corporate storyteller to find that little narrative in everyday proceedings. Sometimes asking employees simple questions about their daily work or asking clients about the first time they used a particular product and documenting the answers in an interesting manner can help the company build credibility among its clientele.

It is imperative to find that juicy little nugget of information that will form the core of storytelling. For example, a three-minute promotional video by Google showed how two brothers separated during the partition of the Indian sub-continent were reunited by their grandchildren. It is a powerful bit of storytelling that contains an underlying message: the human spirit transcends artificial political and cultural barriers.

A company tells a story to influence decisions. Inevitably, it is the story that gets sold instead of the product. So, a smart storyteller is one who knows how to script a success story on behalf of his company.

Handy Hints:

• In this digital age, corporate storytellers are in great demand

• Corporate storytellers do something more than build a brand

• A firm tells a story to influence customer/end-user decisions

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Source: Debasree Banerjee, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Corporate Communications Manager, Blue Ocean Academy, Dubai