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UAE firms hiring more temporary staff

Demand for temporary employees is again on the rise in the UAE, as a number of companies are trying to cope with increased workload caused by staff members going on leave for the summer.

Dulsco, a provider of temporary staffing to organisations in the country, said that demand for skilled talent is going to increase by 30 per cent this year compared to a year ago, providing further proof that the local labour market is still on an upswing even during the summer months.

Companies are looking to hire receptionists, secretaries, administrative staff, document controllers and promoters on a temporary basis. Businesses are also in need of additional skilled and unskilled manpower in the blue collar segment.

The demand for temporary staff comes from all forms of businesses, from multinational companies, to  small and medium enterprises to semi-government organisations.

“The demand for temporary staff has increased substantially over the years in the UAE. As the cost of hiring new employees in terms of time and money is far greater than hiring a temporary employee,” said Prakash Parab, director HR solutions, Dulsco.

Summer is the time of year when hundreds of working expatriates take their annual holidays, leaving a number of positions vacant.

What is more challenging for UAE companies, especially those in the retail, logistics, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), construction and airlines industries,  is that there are many events taking place during the summer season. Businesses also have to deal with increasing competition, so the need to hire additional manpower is even more critical.

Parab said a number of companies prefer to hire staff on a temporary basis because it helps them save money on recruitment.



Source: Cleofe Maceda, Senior Web Reporter,