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Which GCC country will lead job hiring this year?

Which GCC country will lead job hiring this year?Image Credit: Supplied

Latest statistics have shown that low oil prices have slightly weakened the overall hiring activity in the UAE, but companies are expected to expand their headcount in the next few months.

GulfTalent, which recently conducted a survey among 600 employers and 22,000 professionals, said this week that most companies in the region are expected to expand their payrolls this year.

A significant increase in hiring will be noted in healthcare, as 79 per cent of the companies in the sector are planning to hire additional employees in 2015.

Among the countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, Qatar is forecast to top the recruitment activity in the next few months, with 66 per cent of the employers in the country reporting plans to hire more staff.

Qatar companies' appetite for expansion is mainly due to the launch of new infrastructure projects. The country is also no longer facing uncertainty over the timing of the World Cup since the organisers have already announced the schedule of the winter tournament.

''With the uncertainty over the World Cup finally removed and major infrastructure projects getting the go-ahead [the majority of companies in Qatar] reported plans to increase headcount,'' GulfTalent said.

A number of job openings are also expected in Saudi Arabia, with more than half (53 per cent) of employers planning to hire more people.

Oman is third on the list, with nearly half (49 per cent) of the organisations reporting plans to recruit additional talent.

In UAE, 47 per cent of the companies said they intend to hire, while 38 per cent of employers in Kuwait and Bahrain confirmed they will recruit new talent.

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