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Building your firm’s leadership brand

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A big company was nurtured through the innovation of its co-founder who was brilliant in business. He was a confident and results-oriented person who achieved command as the ultimate managing director of the group. He was a notorious leader who always made strategic decisions and expected others to promptly execute orders.

On many occasions, he pretended that he knew every problem even though he was unaware of some of them. Fortunately, the company grew. The market responded favourably, helping build the company’s competitive advantage. The workforce increased due to aggressive growth. But the CEO’s leadership style never changed. He micro-managed and controlled the A to Z of the business.

The business communication flow remained top-down, starting from the top management down to the managers and line staff. Although there were 12 C-suite executives reporting to him, he found them unqualified to work as chief officers. He hired average people and generously rewarded those who exceeded their targets. He disliked employees who asked logical questions. Most of the decisions came from him.

Then recession happened. The organisation witnessed a decline in growth, forcing it to cut down its operating costs. To everyone’s surprise, the CEO fled the country and never returned. Where did the organisational design go wrong? You see, the company had a product brand but did not have a leadership brand. Now, the board is engaging a recruiter to bring in a new CEO. They have no other option but to find someone from outside. Someone who has a different leadership style that evolves according to the company’s needs.

Human resources gurus should advise companies to build their leadership brand by determining what they want to be known for with their clients and linking these qualities to specific leadership traits and behaviours. This will make a huge difference.


Handy Hints

• Hire next-generation leaders who fit your leadership model
• Hire and develop managers who believe in the firm’s values
• Sharpen your competitive edge by knowing your rival’s traits.

Source: Dr. Pon Mohaideen Pitchai, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is a Dubai-based HR and Management Consultant