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Choosing the right recruitment agency

Choosing the right recruitment agencyImage Credit: Supplied

With more than a hundred different agencies in the UAE to choose from, it can be a daunting task to decide which recruitment firm to go with. Here are some guidelines to use as criteria for selecting a recruitment agency to source the right staff for your business.

• Focus of the agency – Are you looking for a generalist or a specialist agency? What are the areas they cover, i.e., geographical, industry and field? Do they have experience in recruiting for the role you need to fill?

• Location – You need to find an agency which understands the market that your business is in and has a local reach of the candidates you wish to target.

• Market visibility and branding – Where did you find information about the recruitment firm? Conduct research and see what they say. What is the feedback of their clients about their service?

• Recruitment process – You need to look for an agency that follows a detailed methodology in selecting the best talent in the market, or at least an agency that complements your own internal recruitment process. Ideally, your processes should be aligned.

• Recruitment cost – Before engaging with agencies, it is important that you understand and agree with their terms and conditions. Evaluate the service level included within the fee, and identify such things as payment terms and their rebate policy if the candidate doesn't work out.

• Profile of your recruiter – Get to know the recruitment consultant you'll deal with and ask about their background and qualifications. Does the recruiter have the niche skills required to source the right talent for your business? Will they represent your business in a professional and positive manner?

These are the key starting points to ensure that your working relationship with the recruitment agency develops into a symbiotic one.

Handy Hints:

• Reliable firms recognise alternative employment solutions

• Ensure to conduct research on the staffing firm's reputation

• Identify whether you need a generalist or a specialist agency

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Source: Florendo Padilla, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Shared Services Recruitment Consultant, Cobalt Recruitment