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Defining leadership in your organization

Defining leadership in your organizationImage Credit: Supplied

Organizations must keep in mind that it is important to design jobs at the upper level with care. They must create an organizational chart for management that takes into consideration business volume, type and complexities required to lead. The strategic plan will serve as guide in preparing an effective manning plan.

The executive management positions can have two to three levels, but there is no standard formula in designing a management structure. Top positions must be attached to several functions grouped for direction and control. Accountability is a key factor that drives results. The roles should undergo job grade evaluation to determine compensation framework.

If successors are not available within, prepare an acquisition plan to ensure the desired qualities during selection. There is a need for a policy to employ diversity, to balance the demographic situation in the workplace. Job analysis plays a vital role in identifying the profile, background, capabilities and experience of a candidate.

Organizations must also identify the skills and knowledge needed to implement the business plan. Create an organizational culture that clearly defines job skills, competencies and behavior dimensions.

What are the leadership capabilities of your C-suites? How can you make them act together? How do you implement strategies across boundaries? Do your leaders have problem-solving skills and knowledge of dealing with the competitive market? Are employees adaptable to change? How do leaders support innovation and identify risks? What are the external factors that influence the business? These questions must be critically analyzed to mirror organizational direction.

With regard to leadership practices, HR must inculcate a culture that encourages meaningful dialogues, collaboration across boundaries, employee engagement, ownership attitude (sense of belonging), taking responsibilities, creating opportunities for others to develop and lead, and learning about learning disability.


Handy Hints

• Organizations should design upper level positions with care

• They must employ diversity to balance office demographics

• Job analysis is important to identify the profiles of candidates

Source: Dr. Pon Mohaideen Pitchai, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is a Dubai-based HR and Management Consultant