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Delivering well under pressured timelines

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Jagjit Singh, in his capacity as an HR Manager, has seen the pressure faced by many employees who think that their bosses push them to complete tasks without giving them adequate time.

Over the years, he has heard many employees state that it would have been easier to execute certain tasks if more time was provided by the management.

For many of them, more than the difficulty of the task, it is the shortage of time that makes it difficult to execute the task in a successful manner. Many employees get cold feet when they see tight deadlines looming.

This has become the norm in today’s race for corporate excellence. This is a situation that has become part and parcel of corporate life. Unfortunately, when an employee gets pressured, it affects him physically as well as mentally.

As an experienced HR professional, Jagjit feels that it is experience and recurrent encounters that will teach employees how to overcome stress and pressure, and develop the skill of delivering under choking timelines. He advocates the simple tactic of giving one’s best.

Instead of focusing on the outcome, it is important to direct one’s energy and attention to the task at hand and ensure that the steps taken are in the right direction. It is also essential to provide regular updates on the progress that is being made so that everyone involved are in the loop. This will also help get any additional guidance, if required.

An open discussion about the challenges that are being faced helps in soliciting feedback from experienced mentors. It leads to confidence and helps complete tasks ahead of time.

Remember, deadlines are there for a reason and it is in one’s own interest to get the jobs completed on schedule.


Handy Hints

• Help employees create their schedule or “goals” sheet

• Discuss with subordinates ways to organise assigned tasks

• When challenged, solicit feedback from experts or mentors


Source: C. Sunil Roy, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Senior Manager, Publilink