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Developing Best Practices: Benchmarking as a powerful HR tool

Benchmarking as a powerful HR toolImage Credit: Supplied

A reputed local company appointed a recruiting firm to manage the headhunt for a CEO. The consultant shortlisted four candidates for the job, two from within the group and two from outside. The internal candidates were put through rigorous assessment tools, an hr strategy, a little awkward for them since they were not adapted to competing with external candidates for their promotions.

The company is developing best practices and becomes more careful about the quality of candidates it recruits at senior levels. In the past, employees were promoted through its internal vacancy policy. This was managed by implementing career path programs integrated into the manpower plan. The period of service was given due consideration.

Now, however, the management realizes the need to identify a competent leader to handle this role; therefore, a shift in approach is mandated: from internal benchmarking to external benchmarking – rewarding the most successful employee with a promotion following a thorough employee assessment – a meaningful HR tool. They fill senior vacancies and consider not only the best talent available within but also outside the company.

HR must depart from conventional HR policies and procedures. A minor error in top management recruitment can directly impact the company’s profitability and market positioning. The most progressive organizations are benchmarking the quality of their managers against the talent available in the market. HR must seek to balance the business objective of ensuring the best people in critical positions with providing growth to their existing employees. To achieve these twin objectives, to motivate and retain quality people and to attract the best talent from outside, companies must modify their talent acquisition procedure and invest in additional resources in assessing talent available in the market.

Handy Hints on Developing Best Practices

• HR strategy, invest in additional resources to assess talent

• Companies must balance objectives with providing growth

• Some firms benchmark quality of staff against outside talent

Source: Dr. Pon Mohaideen Pitchai, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is a Dubai-based HR and Management Consultant