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Developing middle manager capabilities

Developing middle manager capabilitiesImage Credit: Supplied

Building strong leadership capabilities is increasingly becoming an issue for organisations globally. A survey among HR professionals recently conducted by a software company revealed that more than half said middle management was the most critical short-term talent need for organisations.

Given that most employees report directly to a middle manager, what competencies do they need and how can they develop these? The following are the critical competencies for middle managers:

• Leadership – How are you using your leadership style to your advantage? It is worth looking hard to ensure you are getting the best from people. Collaboration, coaching and mentoring staff, letting employees have a voice and valuing diversity are essential in today’s modern, diverse and multinational organisations.

• Communication – How effective are you as a communicator? Communication is both verbal and non-verbal, so use various forms, not just email. Talk regularly with your team to understand issues and challenges, and be prepared to listen. Effective questioning techniques are also essential to find out what is working and what is not.

• Problem solving – Encourage employees to solve problems. This will enhance their creativity and encourage innovation.

• Teamwork – Use collaboration, effective communication and team goals as part of a strategy for effective teamwork. There are many advantages to teamwork, including increased motivation, morale and retention.

• Learning and growth – A good leader sees learning as a tool to increase performance, engagement and competitive advantage. Use a variety of approaches such as coaching, projects, mentoring and learning events. Avoid using training as a reward; employees need to see the value for this development.

Handy Hints:

• Invest in training to continue developing employee skills

• Provide feedback and recognise staff to boost their morale

• Enhance employee creativity by urging them to solve problems

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Source: Roisin Wadding, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Managing Director, Quantum Human Resource Consultancy