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Employees Training Plan: Helping them find a befitting role

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As employees, we usually ask, “where do I go from here?” We want to grow, earn more money and gain prestige. Others are bored with their job and feel underutilized. Some senior employees feel they are being overlooked by the management even if they are due for promotion. They sometimes sense that someone’s recommendation is required to get a promotion. Whatever their motives, employees would want to move up.

As a line manager, what should you do when employees ask to get promoted? The right way to do it is by finding the right fit and creating employees training plan. With HR planning, you must help each employee identify the right role that will enable him/her to perform effectively. Help employees find a role where distinctive knowhow is required to perform and the availability of talent matches the need. You are responsible for shoving staff towards roles that will lead to career growth. Promotion is also meant to help employees contribute to company growth. It has two-fold advantages: it steps up employee pay and benefits, and also contributes to business growth.

Unfortunately, managers and employees forget to follow a prescribed career path. What is a career path? Employees training plan comes in. You begin in a lowly individual contributor role, then you gain some experience on-the-job. You acquire stretching experience and knowhow, then you are promoted as a team leader. You are blessed with performance, remuneration, network and status. You go up and up, until your retirement. It is essentially a path of competence and contribution.

However, some of us do not succeed in following a prescribed path required for business or growth. The company’s ability to pay and the individual’s future contribution are an essential ingredient in considering any promotion. If you follow conventional HR planning and policies, you will end up promoting every employee unnecessarily when what you need to focus on is identifying your key talent and finding ways to keep them instead.

Handy Hints 
• Employees want growth of some sort, monetary and otherwise
• As a line manager, it is your job to help staff find the right fit
• Focus on identifying key talent and find ways of keeping them
Source: Dr. Pon Mohaideen Pitchai, Special to Jobs & Careers
The writer is a Dubai-based HR and Management Consultant