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Find out the power of positives in a world of negatives

Find out the power of positives in a world of negativesImage Credit: Supplied

A happy workplace may not be utopia. Professional relationships are fragile but worth working for, keeping in mind sustainable business and individual career goals. Studies reveal that companies that adhered to creating positive vibes among employees reported effective brand-building and profitability.

In an increasingly multicultural work environment, egos, cultural sensitivities, and unrealistic targets and deadlines lead to irreconcilable differences leading to tension and misunderstanding. Overcoming them and focusing solely on profitability pose an unmistakable challenge.

The idea is to create unity and teamwork. The mantra lies in staying positive in a world full of negativity, and remaining loyal to certain ideals in a world full of uncertainties.

The first step is to cleanse the work environment of toxic elements. Identify employees who are rude, arrogant and condescending, and take steps to curb it. The management should also take tangible steps to appreciate employees who ensure a smooth-sailing office. Do not wait for a crisis to realize the actual worth of an employee.

It is equally important to embrace differences. Respect the cultural diversity of people, and encourage them to make a positive contribution to the company’s goal. With proper understanding and skills, such differences can be harnessed for a better work environment.

The exchange of knowledge, experiences and best practices can take place in formal and informal forums. Weekly or monthly meetings can also act as platform to share achievements. All these can create a positive work environment. Admitting mistakes and learning from others is another great way to add positive flavor. Freshers must understand that it is fine to fail, but important to cut losses and move forward.

Finally, positive branding means that employees associate the company with certain positive values and success stories. They believe that they have a future to look forward to.

Handy Hints:

• Positivism is the key to profitability of any organization

• Appreciate employees who ensure a smooth flow of work

• Encourage positive brand-building by sharing achievements

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Source: Debasree Banerjee, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Corporate Communications Manager, Blue Ocean Academy, Dubai