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Get a glimpse on competency-based job evaluation

Get a glimpse on competency-based job evaluationImage Credit: Supplied

Earlier, job evaluation (JE) was based on the job description (JD). Words written in a JD determined one's know-how, problem-solving abilities and accountability.

Despite a certain committee's involvement and the lengthy process involved, some line managers handle JE as a scapegoat to blame or win HR for employee promotion. More often, JDs are inflated for job upgrade purposes. How was JE practiced before and how is it being done today?

I suggest we should not consider the concept of designation as the basis for determining pay. Companies must pay employees according to their skills and/or competencies.

There is an emergence of a variety of skills-based pay schemes to reward employees right. The competency-based pay approach recognizes the importance of talent more than the traditional salary scale based on JE. A revised approach can encourage employees to acquire new skills required for role diversity in the workplace.

Skills-based pay has been used for relatively homogeneous jobs where the nature of work is broadly similar but may exist at different levels. The management needs to support role flexibility, teamwork and breaking down of restrictive working practices.

Firms can customize JE tools to support multi-skilling initiatives. Competency-based JE is highly recommended to develop career structures in several industries.

Where your workforce is broader, it becomes vital to break it down into job families so that the competency definitions and levels can be made perfect and relevant. It is also possible to develop a progression-based salary scale. In reality, a competency-based pay scheme would contain broadband grading.

Handy Hints:

• JE tools must support employee skills and pay progression

• Pay should be based on agreed framework of competencies

• Promotion is not only defined or attained by a JD document

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Source: Dr. Pon Mohaideen Pitchai, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is a Dubai-based HR and Management Consultant