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Getting interviews right – for employers

Getting interviews right – for employersImage Credit: Supplied

You are a growing, dynamic business and you have identified the need to hire based on your business strategy and plans for further growth. So, how do you take that need and fill it with the best possible person?

Here are top tips for employers wanting to beat their competition for the best human resources available by running effective interview processes:

• Remember that you are selling something, too. Interviews are a two-way process. If you are late, the interview room has a funny smell or your tie is undone, then you may well lose the best person to a competitor.

• Structure and consistency are vital. Consider whether psychometric assessments, aptitude tests, competency-based interviews or case studies are a good idea. Create a process and apply that process to every single interviewee consistently and professionally.

• Manage the expectations of those you interview. Is your process going to take a long time? If so, tell everyone that from the outset and outline the process they are going to go through.

• Remember that your best employees are not necessarily good interviewers (and that may include you). Many candidates lose interest in a role because of a single bad interview. Your interviewers should be good at obtaining the right information, testing the people they meet and selling your business.

• Act quickly. When you meet the person you want to hire, tell them and move like lightning to get them on board smoothly and professionally. Your competitors won't be hanging around.

Handy Hints:

• Identify the hiring practice that suits your recruitment process

• If you think you've found the right person, hire him on the spot

• Choose an interviewer who is good at assessing applicants

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Source: James Wakefield, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Managing Director, Cobalt Recruitment