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A glimpse on the conceptual framework of HRD

A glimpse on the conceptual framework of HRDImage Credit: Supplied

During the 70s, a prominent engineering company approached consultants Dr. Udai Pareek and Dr. T.V. Rao to study the performance appraisal system. They advised that performance appraisal should not be looked in isolation. There should be an HRD framework that must encompass appraisal, potential assessment, feedback and counseling, career development, career planning and training, and organizational development.

An integrated system called Human Resource Development Services (HRDS) has linkage to business needs. It outlines 14 principles to be kept in mind while enabling best HR practices. The major drivers are that a company must increase enabling capabilities, recognize employee potential, enforce accountability, encourage delegation and shared services, and improve decision making, feedback and reinforcement.

Meanwhile, Dave Ulrich and Dale Lake created the strategic HR model aimed to leverage HR practices to build critical organizational capabilities for an organization to achieve its goals. Business strategy, organizational capabilities and HR practices are its important elements. The activities of managing strategic HR include aligning HR and business unit strategies, organizational diagnosis, listening and responding to employees, managing transformation and change, and more.

How to implement this? Does the UAE have the skills set to do this? The effectiveness of an HR department depends on one's mindset. A CIPD or Hay certification, or an MBA Degree in HR will not help one implement this strategy. One must understand the link between HRM and business needs. One must be able to diagnose a talent management pool in light of anticipated change. One must adopt and be sensitive to changing internal situations during major periods of organizational change. One must have political skills to mobilize internal and external forces to change. Therefore, focus on value addition rather than referring to your HR policy manual.

Handy Hints:

• HRD framework must consist of appraisal, training, feedback, etc.

• A company must identify staff potential, encourage delegation

• HR staff needs political skills to mobilize organizational change

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Source: Dr. Pon Mohaideen Pitchai, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is a Dubai-based HR and Management Consultant