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A glimpse on leadership and the willingness to learn

A glimpse on leadership and the willingness to learnImage Credit: Supplied

Learning competence is the ability to comprehend and profit from experience. What is learning disability? It affects how a person learns new things. According to an OD specialist, ''learning disabilities are tragic in children especially when they go undetected. They are no less tragic in organizations when also largely undetected.''

Some learn from experience as quickly or as well as we should. The failure to alter behavior that has been consistently disastrous in the past is the essence of a learning disability.

The bulk of the usual learning disabilities in the workplace revolves around the chemistry of human dynamics. It is common. If everything is spelt out clearly for us, we would learn quickly. It is the human aspect of changing behavior that makes learning difficult.

Most organizations learn poorly and are not willing to accept their learning disability. They design their structure and job roles similar to other organizations and end up with poor performance. They believe that their employees are willing to change only in times of crisis. What is wrong about changing your or learning about your behavior in good times? Crises create strong episodes, but do not create a learning sensation. Organizational learning should continuously take place.

I advised one managing director to create a board for his company that has achieved spectacular organizational growth. He resisted management change. He was arrogant at that time and was not willing to learn about his disabilities. Post-recession, his company accrued huge liabilities, and ultimately closed down. At the same time, a humble traditional company was achieving and maintaining sustainability in the market. This was because of its conservative policy to learn consistently and continuously. They learned to learn about their disabilities in their day-to-day operations and corrected mistakes on the spot. Leadership is also about showing modesty and acceptance to learn.

Handy Hints:

• Be willing to accept your disabilities and correct your mistakes

• Learning is the ability to comprehend, profit from experience

• True leaders accept criticisms, are modest and willing to learn

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Source: Dr. Pon Mohaideen Pitchai, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is a Dubai-based HR and Management Consultant