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The growing need for employee-centric HR

The growing need for employee-centric HRImage Credit: Supplied

There is a tendency to look at HR as either conducting recruitment or training, or taking care of compensation and benefits, or day-to-day operations. This silo-like approach has served companies well in the past as each of these functions requires a very specific skill – being able to convince candidates, facilitating human development, or numeric abilities. It is rare to find a person possessing these three vastly different competencies.

However, with the availability of software-based solutions in the market like Bamboo HR, HRM Direct and Kronos Workforce Ready, most of these functions are now very ably supported by technology. This new equation has taken HR's job into the realm of:

• envisioning the future of workplaces, and

• understanding business problems in order to find human solutions

To be able to use software intelligently, and extract information out of them rather than just data, it is important that HR managers use a problem-centric approach to business issues.

HR is not just about the transactions within the function, it is also about how clued in or connected to the business the person is at the other end of the transaction. This perspective requires that talent acquisition, retention and development functions use an employee-centric approach to ensure that the skills being assessed by hiring managers are the same as those being developed by training managers, and being rewarded by comp and ben managers. Ultimately, the knowledge and education of the HR manager will culminate in the performance and growth of employees.

Therefore, HR may have to spend more time understanding the ground reality in the marketplace. Only then can HR Managers frame the right questions which software can process to initiate business-specific actions rather than simply follow market trends.

Handy Hints:

• Traditional HR roles include C&B, recruitment and training

• Software-based solutions like Bamboo HR, HRM Direct available

• HR has to spend more time understanding marketplace reality

Source: Geet Mala Jalota, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is an Independent HR Trainer and Consultant