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Here are the three C's for C-suite executives

Here are the three C's for C-suite executivesImage Credit: Supplied

There is a growing need to impart life skills for leadership development. We see executives attending soft skills training for the sake of attending courses. In one organization, HR made foundation courses mandatory to all senior employees, and run the program similar to a school syllabus. HR must identify the leadership competencies that are essential to achieve the current business model.

While management practices can easily be learned, traits like determination, persistence, motivation, adaptability and hard work cannot. These behavioral dimensions must be inherent in the jobholders and grow with role delivery. There are certain competencies that can be taught through live examples and case studies. For instance, networking is an important skill for a CEO and other C-suites.

An eminent management scholar spoke about a need to network in today's business. He gave a formula, the three C's for C-suite executives, i.e. Converting Contact into Cash. He says a simple management principle is to have a network to reach your target. A CEO must be able to convert his contact into cash. Whatever your business strategy is, the end result must be that your team will be able to convert contacts into cash. Are business schools teaching the three C's model?

The world is highly dominated with contacts. Everything works through the use of contacts. One cannot achieve results without contacts. In fact, any marketing or branding drive becomes effective only through a network of people.

Readers must not perceive contacts as attending parties or creating relationships. It is a unique know-how. Every leader must be aware of the important competency of networking. I suggest using case studies and illustrations of life skills to make your enterprise an empire in business. Universities and corporate academies must seriously think about developing a network competency for net worth.

Handy Hints:

• Traits like determination cannot be learned by taking courses

• Networking is an important skill for CEOs and other C-suites

• Every leader must have a network to reach company targets

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Source: Dr. Pon Mohaideen Pitchai, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is a Dubai-based HR and Management Consultant