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Hiring Trends in the UAE

DulscoIndranil Dutta, Director - Dulsco Abu Dhabi

HR Thought Leadership Series by Dulsco

As an HR solutions provider it is important for us to understand the pulse of both the current and the future market scenarios on a regular basis. We have seen that the HR outsourcing trend keeps evolving due to the changes that are taking place within the economy. A particular trend in one country might not be applicable in another or it may even differ from one emirate to another.  For example Fujairah would focus more on hiring oil industry professionals as opposed to real estate professionals who are meant for a place like Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

UAE, the Arab world’s second largest economy, recorded a 4.8 per cent growth in 2014 on the back of stronger performance by several sectors that included manufacturing. Going forward, irrespective of the oil price dip, the UAE’s economy is on track to grow a further 4.5 per cent in 2015, according IMF forecasts.

Today organisations in the UAE are aware of the fact that they can free up more of their team’s time to focus on business-critical tasks by outsourcing core services. Along with the evolving market, we as their HR partners have developed our own expertise internally and realigned our HR outsourcing framework to handle more complex activities.

In the past, HR outsourcing was considered appropriate only for large-scale organisations; however, it is increasingly seen as a critical option for small businesses as well. Another rising trend is selective outsourcing, in which companies outsource specific employee administration functions requiring specialized knowledge while retaining other functions in-house. Selective outsourcing can be an effective approach for candidate recruitment as well.

This HR outsourcing trend will continue to flourish in 2016 as a vital element in an organization’s broader strategic approach to growth. There are several reasons for organisations to increasingly rely on this HR outsourcing as they can save on costs, continue to focus on their core strength, improve efficiencies, rely on an expert HR partner who understands the market and also take advantage of the latest technologies. 

Most of the industry sectors are doing well in the UAE especially tourism, healthcare, retail and manufacturing in addition to the ever expanding infrastructure industry. The economic policies laid out by the government have been the key factor for triggering this growth. With the Expo 2020 in sight, many prime infrastructural projects are in the pipeline as the nation is witnessing an increase in demand for efficient human resources to give shape to these projects.  Therefore many companies are expanding and launching new initiatives to generate revenue, resulting in a need for skilled professionals.

With the Expo win, the region is poised to see many more job recruitments in various sectors across the UAE. The right kind of manpower is required for managing the mega event which in the next five years will bolster the economic growth of Dubai and UAE in turn. The current scenario in the economic sector reiterates that the manufacturing market is stable and the prospects of an impressive economic future is anticipated with private organizations and government sectors planning to hire and expand.

Dulsco’s endeavour is to contribute the organization’s best to the economy by providing the finest manpower resources right from site engineers and supervisors to chauffeurs, general helpers, welders and other professionals that cater to a variety of industry sectors. We look forward to contribute to UAE to create a sustainable Expo 2020 and help with HR needs.