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How bonus is an employee motivational tool

How bonus is an employee motivational toolImage Credit: Supplied

When the SMS alert stating that the salary has been credited popped up in his mobile, Ahmad did not think much until he saw the figure. The amount credited was much higher than his usual salary. He thought it was an error, and called up the concerned person. He was surprised when the other person informed him that the excess amount was a bonus for having done a good job. Ahmad was more than surprised. He was elated.

According to experts, providing monetary bonuses act as a strong motivational tool for employees. Many leaders do not realize the impact that an act like this leaves on the team. Team members appreciate the thoughtfulness behind the gesture, and value it quite high.

It conveys that the entire team is part of the process and appreciated for the efforts. Employees are used to ''thank you'' notes and impromptu dinners that normally accompany a project well done or a target exceeded. When they get monetary rewards, their happiness increases.

Years ago, I worked for an organization where my efforts were not acknowledged. There were times when I would work more slowly since I felt that the management was not bothered about the extra effort I put towards a task. Later on, when I moved to another place and realized that my efforts were appreciated, it had a positive impact on my input.

Many employers think that employees are being paid for what they are doing and underestimate the effect of conveying their appreciation. Little do they realize that when an employee feels unappreciated, employee retention is also unlikely. Morale and motivation make a major impact in the workplace, and efforts like incentives and rewards pay off since happy employees work harder and better. It is a win-win situation.

Handy Hints:

• Drive employee behavior by giving them monetary rewards

• Morale and motivation make a major impact in the workplace

• Employee retention is higher when employees are recognized

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Source: C. Sunil Roy, Special to Jobs & Careers

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