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How a workplace can impact productivity

How a workplace can impact productivityImage Credit: Supplied

Mavina was a new recruit assigned to work in the marketing division of a group company. A few weeks after her appointment, she was asked by the recruitment department to shift to another division based on a specific requirement.

Barely a few hours into the new position, Mavina felt claustrophobic and wanted to move out. She got in touch with her immediate superior and expressed her inability to continue in the new post. She felt that the new place lacked the vibrancy and energy of the other department. She said that it is very important to be in a great workplace rather than to be in a great job.

According to a study, organisations that nurture a great workplace culture create happy employees, have enhanced productivity and lesser employee turnover, and make their teams more productive, innovative and effective.

The positive energy in a workplace motivates the employees to put in a better performance, leading to better returns. This leads to happy employees and happier employers.

A great workplace provides a platform for people with the same wavelength to come together and work towards a common goal. A positive atmosphere creates a culture that helps attract and retain talent.

It is very important for employees to join organisations that provide the right ambience for growth. This is because more than a third of every day is spent in the workplace and this will definitely influence the way an individual's thought process works.

This is the time to do an introspection and find out how many of us feel happy coming to work every morning. If not, the time to move is just around the corner.

Handy Hints:

• Identify what drives performance and decide on a strategy

• Engage with colleagues while focusing on one task at a time

• It helps to encourage employees to take ownership of tasks

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Source: C. Sunil Roy, Special to Jobs & Careers

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