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Human performance improvement

Employers must determine what will motivate their workforceImage Credit: Supplied

The determinants of employee behaviours are not absolute, but they are relative. What motivates an employee when he first joined the company may not motivate him the next month. It is, therefore, important for employers to understand the true determinants of employee behaviours to improve their performance. However, money can actually be an ineffective motivator.

In one company, a manager called for a meeting with his team on payday. During the meeting, he addressed the team’s underperformance and he did so in the succeeding months which threatened the employees’ job security. This created temporary compliance because the salary became a sensory marker for employee performance. This also created a negative feeling towards the pay, manager and company. Here, pay did not act as a stimulus to productivity. It rather suppressed optimum performance.

I always advise people not to attach financial rewards with performance. An organisation is not a cattle house but a “house of emotional jewels.” Once the employee mindset associates pay with negative feelings, the reward becomes useless as a tool to reach optimum performance, loyalty and commitment. How many employers know that this is happening?

If employers do not notice any behavioural contrasts, there will be unpredictable results. Managers must be able to understand the constant dynamic shift of internal motivation  and plan what is important for the the team members and their roles. HR must assist the line managers to understand employee perceptions, mindset and career aspirations. Beyond policies, there is an element of values that can be nurtured through best HR  intervention. Bringing out values can drive performance. What is important is that an organisation builds a culture based on favourable employeremployee relationship.

Handy Hints:

* Managers must understand causes of workplace problems

*They must draw measures to keep the employees motivated

* They must also consider long-term goal setting and training

Source: Dr. Pon Mohaideen Pitchai, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is a Dubai-based HR and Management Consultant