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A little fun at work helps boost morale

A little fun at work helps boost moraleImage Credit: Supplied

Sam had an interesting time at work today. Since it was the first day of the week, there was more than the usual rush, and a couple of team members were absent so matters were a bit stretched. Customers were irritated; after all, the heat raises tempers, too.

But the event of the day was the film show they had in the afternoon in the conference room. HR had organized it, and though the office is not the place one would expect to watch a movie in, it was, nevertheless, a pleasant time spent in problem solving with colleagues. The movie was an old one, ''Rocky.'' What was new was the discussion which followed – about commitment, passion and knowing one's strengths.

Sam didn't know that many of his teammates also liked the movie, especially the fights. He realized they had more in common than he had previously thought. He also liked the point made by Edith, a team member, about how the lack of communication among them resulted in fiascos in the morning. Proper communication would have prepared them to take preventive measures. The best part was that they decided to create their own WhatsApp group to communicate such emergencies to each other so that customers don't suffer, and those coming in for duty don't have to take the flak of those getting off work.

Other points also came up which had been bubbling under the surface – about rules being ignored. Since the discussion was healthy, everybody got an opportunity to speak about issues and rules not being followed instead of blaming each other. This resulted in senior colleagues taking responsibility for communicating the rules on the intranet, and training newcomers as well. In the end, everyone learned. Work can be better and fun when there is fun at work.

Handy Hints:

• Communication is a very important element in the workplace

• Managers must encourage employees to speak about issues

• They must foster an environment of camaraderie among peers

Source: Geet Mala Jalota, Special to Jobs & Careers,

The writer is an Independent HR Trainer and Consultant