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Non-monetary perks to motivate people

Non-monetary perks to motivate peopleImage Credit: Supplied

As recruiters, we hear from professionals daily and their reasons for choosing to move on to another role or company. The reasons given are often not based on salary alone. There are several people who are attracted by non-financial factors.

Below are some top tips on how to motivate your teams:

• Consider the chemistry – Think about the personality of your interviewee and how he may fit into your existing team. It is natural for some people to go through an adjustment phase when someone new joins a team. However, it may be worth using a personal profiling/psychometric test to gauge how your potential new recruit will behave when faced with stress, how he is motivated and what kind of management style he would respond to. This should give you an idea as to how he will fit in with you and your team.

• Give staff the chance to grow – Explain to your team members how important their roles are and give them the chance to grow and learn new skills. Encourage them to reach their full potential. Nobody likes being in their comfort zones forever. A lack of challenge is one of the most common reasons we hear why people are keen to consider a career move.

• Recognition – Most people are boosted by feedback. Let your staff know how they are doing. Set objectives and monitor their progress regularly. If people are high performers, praise them publicly and thank them for their efforts. Encourage innovation and invite new ideas or ways of working more efficiently and give credit to the originator.

If your team is motivated, staff retention levels should be much higher!

Handy Hints:

• Recognition proves to be more lucrative than financial offers

• Create development programmes to improve employee skills

• Set up teambuilding or any other activities outside the office

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Source: James Wakefield, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Managing Director, Cobalt Recruitment