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Setting performance standards

Setting performance standardsImage Credit: Supplied

Concerned about my elder son’s performance in class, I went to his school and discussed it with his class supervisor. He told me that my son is very capable; however, he makes little effort to “go further ahead.” I realized in that instant that I needed to instill in him the right mindset for him to learn more and improve his grades.

This is no different in the corporate world where there is a need to develop employee performance standards. These standards tell them how well to do a set of action, and to effectively appraise their performance.

An individual’s standards are generally influenced by his environment, family, workplace and friends, among many others. The quality, timeliness and effectiveness of such standards gets affected by the people who may or may not have achieved something worthwhile.

There are general measures for employee performance and these should be objective, measurable, realistic and properly documented.

A company’s performance standards, based on its mission and vision, must be established and included in the employee performance plan. The set standards, describing the points of performance that are acceptable and those that are to be successfully achieved, must be met by each employee. The organization/management must, therefore, list all the factors that it is looking for to encourage employees to meet expectations.

There may be company limitations, but employees must keep in mind that their mental faculties have no limits and can be developed to the fullest. So, motivate your employees with the right rewards for them to challenge themselves to exceed expectations.


Handy Hints

• Company should discuss measurable goals with employees

• Implement performance standards and keep record if met

• Set of standards will show one’s productivity and potential


Source: Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Training Manager in a major Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Company