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Shift from traditional employment model

Shift from traditional employment modelImage Credit: Supplied

HR is facing challenges on how to deal with the future workforce. Business owners are in a crucial status to address the changing employer-employee needs. They predict a new employment model that dissociates traditional employment practices.

When companies face pressures to perform in a tightening labor market, it is imperative to understand the pattern of employment changes. Employers recognize and realize the shortage of talent pool and lack of available leadership know-how. The shortage of skilled workforce is mainly attributed to their attitude of engaging low-cost contractors and outsourcing services.

The new entrants expect jobs, but do they possess the required skills? If a firm requires such mobile workforce, it needs to engage them. There is a tendency among employees not wanting to add weight to loyalty. Some do not even believe in long-term employment. The employee perspective is marked by generation gap, attitudes and aspirations in micro roles.

On the other hand, employers face increasing manpower costs due to escalating benefits costs. There are factors that influence commitment and motivation at work; 60% of managers I talked to said they are attracted to workplaces that provide accommodation and work-life balance; 70% of employees said benefits are key to employee retention.

Different generations have different priorities. The new entrants expect better working conditions and want their contributions to be rewarded on the spot, but they do not believe in job security. Their demands seem outside the company’s HR policy, but these are considered reasonable in an industry that constantly faces dynamic changes.

One thing is evident: the old workforce model, such as permanent employment, may not be possible in the future. Cost is a deciding factor that dictates job design and workforce capacity. Unfortunately, some organizations do not bear accountability when it comes to human costs in proportion to revenue growth.

Handy Hints:

• Employees look for respect, benefits and work-life balance

• Multigenerational workforce has different ethics and priorities

• Cost a factor that dictates job design and workforce capacity

Did you know that UAE employers are urged to offer retirement plans to retain talent

Source: Dr. Pon Mohaideen Pitchai, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is a Dubai-based HR and Management Consultant