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Speed Park talks about industry trends

DulscoSalem Said Al Khasibi, Managing Director, Speed Park Image Credit: Supplied

HR Thought Leadership Series by Dulsco

Speed Park is a premiere valet parking company, with ‘Meet and Greet parking service’, as it is more commonly referred to in the UAE. The services provided by Speed Park include Valet parking, Transport Solutions, Car Park Management, Car Wash and Delivery Bikes.

Under the dynamic leadership of their Managing Director, Salem Said Al Khasibi, Speed Park is a member of Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for Young Business Leaders and has been growing continually since its inception in 2005. Dulsco spoke to Salem Said to understand the trends in HR in UAE.

What are your thoughts on the key contributions that a HR department provides to the business and the challenges that they face?

To say it in a single sentence, it would be recruiting the right people in the right jobs; by supplying the right team and grooming them to fit the right jobs. In the UAE, government processes that accompany the recruitment process are the biggest challenge to HR. Laws often change making it a challenge to prepare for the process which is already time consuming.

Often temporary staffing / outsourcing is considered to accommodate peaks in business activity, reduce visa & admin hassles, manage fixed costs. Does your company use outsourced staff? Tell us a little more about your experience?

We have not yet opted for outsourcing. For many of our big projects we have always considered recruiting candidates on our rolls. This was because of the project demands. Now we have been considering HR outsourcing with Dulsco, given the many benefits. We will be looking at the costing and all the benefits offered by outsourcing. If it works, there is no reason for us to not use outsourcing.

What do you think is the next big shift you expect / want to see in the industry and UAE?

Speed Park has been seeing continuous growth since its inception. The UAE market is expanding every day and we see new competitors, big and small entering the market every day. Speed Park has also seen growth within the UAE market. In the past year, we have been preparing for our branch set up in Abu Dhabi. Transportation being a necessity, irrespective of the market conditions, people will continue to use transport. However, there will be a change in the trend. Public transport will see an increase in use and demand in the coming years. This will be a welcome change for the people.