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Tips on how to unleash the full human potential

Tips on how to unleash the full human potentialImage Credit: Supplied

I have always believed that a happy workforce is a high-performing workforce, and that a highly-satisfied employee is an asset to an organization.

Well-being at work is an important factor that contributes to the growth of an individual and organization. Employees in organizations that place high emphasis on employee well-being feel empowered to achieve something for themselves, their organization and, of course, their families. It, thus, makes enormous economic sense to make the work and the workplace enjoyable.

It is not about how an organization spends money or allocates funds for training and development. When I reflect on my experience over the last two decades, there were many moments that made all of us employees enjoy our work. It made us come back to work again the next day, and go back to our families with joy and happiness and not with stress.

It is not about the money. It is a pat on the back, a chat with your peers, a simple recognition for the little success you have achieved or team effort which can do wonders for you and your company.

The feeling of happiness should not only happen during periods of success, but also when passing through a lean patch. An employee needs to be treated as a human being and not as a machine. He should feel relaxed and relieved when the boss is with him during difficult times. A word of consolation and showing empathy not sympathy in times of failures at work help one deal with problems and revitalize one's energy.

That is why I emphasize again and again that money is not the only factor that determines the well-being of an individual. A superior's appreciation of your efforts in front of your peers and his role as a philosopher, guide and person to look up to during a crisis will push interpersonal relationships to the next level.

Handy Hints:

• A happy workforce leads to a high-performing workforce

• Money is not the only factor that determines one's well-being

• Empathy, a pat in the back and kind words make a difference

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Source: G.K. Shankar, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is HR Professional